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here it is, right now on cnn. >> every life story is composed of any number of essential ingredients what you become is tied to what you are made of, even if the elemental pieces do not also reassemble the final
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product that emerges. early every morning fortune village district, the workers of the bake shop make batches of sugar doughnuts, some are sold at the shop and others are purchased by sbryoung men who a hoping to turn the treats into profits. they sit and hope, hope their futures bring something very different. after all, if the great maine pacquiao once sold doughnuts on the side of a road, what might be in store for them.
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it's a tuesday morning in manny pacquiao's compound, ten weeks remain before his december 8th bout with marquez. but his attention is turned to his other line of work. today he will file, and he and his wife are receiving a blessing from the priest.
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two years ago, he was elected to his first german congress in land slide, this race should be even easier. >> i'm elected again because i do not have an opponent. so i'm still a congressman. and i always believed that i can implement more projects in the second term. i know what the feelings being poor, being nothing. i'm like them before. and now i'm helping them. >> while his submission of re-election papers may appear to be a formality, there's an ad d ed element, there's a new member on the ticket, jinkie pacquiao, who has announced her intention for vice governorship. >> i will accept the fact that i'm here and i'm ready.
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there's a little bit pressure, he they always ask me what will be your programs, i just tell them our goal is to help. that is it. because we came from the poor family. so i know the heart being poor. -- we are here to serve, not to be served, just for the people. what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. ♪
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♪ 9,000 miles east across the pacific ocean, it's just past 4:00 a.m. in mexico city, and as the last of the markets close up, one of the most famous in the area is beginning his day marquez has summoned members of his team, including his strength coach to join him at the mexican
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olympic training facility for a workout. >> closely observing the transformation in progress is his sons. each of them explore the floor and heed any advice their dad gives them.
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for the elder marquez, the early morning plan is highlighted by a circuit program, focusing on speed and agility. at 39 a fighter is normally not still boxing at a high level. but marquez has defied the clock and relished the chance to do so. he would deny the notion of retirement has occasionally crossed his mind, for now, the opportunity to claim the convviy that has eluded him is ahead of
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>> on a sunny afternoon, juan manual marquez and his family are headed south, in a chevy suburban equipped with police lighted for added security. this is the house that the family will soon be moving into, with renovations being finalized following their recent purchase. last year's marquez current home was robbed, leading him to look for a more secure compound, which he found here.
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for years he boxed only for modest purses, now at the end of the career, his money has grown, his working class roots are merely a memory, and knowing had his children are taken care of is one of his greatest comforts.
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>> check, check, check. one, two, three. >> back in the philippines, preparations are under way for a special event in the ballroom. >> manny pacquiao has flown into town with his wife to celebrate the sixth child of their oldest daughter, princess. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday, happy birthday ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> the celebration is geared toward the kids. but the proud papa is always willing to show off he is familiar with what is all the rage. >> this is a request song. manny, manny. music please!
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>>. ♪ it's really important to have time with my children, my kids and my family, to play with the kids, because five years from now, ten years from now, i cannot play like that anymore. gangman style! gangman style! ♪ ♪ hey sexy lady ♪ hey ♪ gangnam style
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>> the picture of family is notable, before the last fight they were struggling in their marriage, but jinkie said a lot has changed since. >> i told manny, i am super happy, before that, he did not used to join like that, dancing, and he just stay for at least one hour and then go. go away. because he had so many appointments. but now, he is a different man. i forgive him. and i am ready to forget the past. >> pacquiao's devotion to his family and political obligations appear to have impacted his preparations for this bought, he decided to push back his move to los angeles for training camp by two weeks. he will continue to work at home. cherishing the gifts life has brought him.
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remaining mindful of the origins he left behind. >> i'm so blessed, and really thankful to god that he gave me this talent and my children can benefit from this. i will teach them where their mom and dad came from, and we tell them how hard our life before. >> thank you to my mommy and daddy for giving me a nice birthday. i love it. ♪ >> like anyone else, fighters' lives change with time. new priorities, new passions,
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and new convictions emerge. balance takes precedence. long planned or hastily rescheduled, marquez and pacquiao each began their training camps for their fourth bout at home on. but it was time to revive their hunger. resurect their desire. reawaken their instinct. it was time to focus on december 8th. and begin forgetting that anything had changed at all from the very first moment they entered the ring.
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stay tuned for part three of "24/7: pacquiao/marquez 4" don't miss the live fight, december 8th on hbo pay-per-view. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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>> the star attraction at the hollywood gym is back if town. >> listen up everyone, today is a sparring day, so we will clear out the gym, everyone has to be outside the building by 12:45. thank you. >> l.a. is where manny pacquiao trains in the u.s., even if he delayed the start of camp by two weeks with freddie roach. >> i talked to him on the phone and he said that they had to take care of government stuff,
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and he got here six weeks before, so i had no problem with it. he came in shape like he said he was going to come. and i was happy about that. >> i'm doing good, so far so good, and hard work. what we are doing every day. it's more then compared to the last few fights. those fights against marquez and timothy bradley has been far from usual. >> he gives the sparring partners a bonus of a thousand dollars because i want them working at their best, this time i told manny i would give him a thousand dollars. i want these guys going after
9:27 pm
him full force and i want him to respond in full force. >> come on. let's go. >> sparring as been good. and we keep busy, busy, busy, all the time. my focus is tomorrow aggressiveness. throwing out combinations and if i get a chance to finish the fight, why not, i will grab it. >> aggressiveness served him well against marquez in the first two fights in the form of four knock downs. today, he drops a sparring partner for the first time in camp. >> all right. now you are starting to throw your punches like manny pacquiao. how is that? very good.
9:28 pm
>> i could tell that he is more aggressive for this fight, he is hungry and he wants to go in and prove to everyone that he is a winner. >> one moment of silence please! following the pause for prayer, roach tries to make good on the promise of a reward for a inckn down. >> i want another one of course okay, i told you, a deal is a deal. >> i can't accept that. it's my job. >> if you knock a couple more guys down you certainly gotta do marquez c marquez, okay? >> all right. thank you. >> he doesn't gamble anymore, happy. >> the new manny pacquiao does
9:29 pm
not gamble, he does not engage in a lot of the things that used to be in his life. he has evolved and like any good coach, freddie roach has adapted. >> training manny pacquiao is different now. i do not get to tell him what to do anymore, he tells me what to do, pretty much. he is fighting the fight. he knows what he feels will work and what won't work. if he feels it won't work, it won't. so i don't -- i don't try to change his mind at this point. um, i miss those days that when i was the boss. >> for 20 years in the
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neighborhood of mexico city, up stairs from a taco shop, the boxing gym has accommodated hundreds of fighters. the wear and tear makes repairs occasionally necessary. and today the gym staff works intently to fix a broken speed back mount. juan manual marquez has been in heavy training here since mid october. now, less than two weeks away from fight night, he said that preparations to take on manny pacquiao for a fourth time have in fact been ongoing since the pair's last meeting.
9:31 pm
>> it's the 62nd time that nacho beristain will be in his corner, he is focused on the work to be done. >> even at the age of 39, marquez said his commitment to preparation is more complete than ever.
9:32 pm
>> the fighter and his camp are no stranger to cameras, for the bout, there's been a change in policy. when it's time to spar, total access is revoked. >> afterwards, marquez finishes off the workout by testing out the newly reconstructed speed bag. more screws appear to be needed.
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♪ an hour later the workday has an intriguing epilogue, as marquez visits dr. luis martinez to receive cupping therapy. ♪ and one wedding,
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oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. >> l.a. is a town that embraces characters of all types. the bigger the star the better. it's a convention that has made manny pacquiao a popular
9:38 pm
part-time resident and a regular guest before his fights on jimmy k kimmel live. >> i like jimmy kimmel, and the fans. i like to go the sunday before the fight. this is pacquiao's seventh appearance on the talk show. >> going to be good. [ applause ] >> now, the last time you were here, you had announced that you had quit drinking. you quit gambling and you quick cock fighting. and then, for the first time in 7 years, you lost the fight. i don't think that you actually lost the fight, but technically they said you lost the fight. will you go back to drinking, ga gambling and cock fighting? >> no. no. >> no. >> jimmy is a funny guy and just the way he speaks, you will
9:39 pm
laugh. >> and on this night, the host has a surprise presentation for the viewing audience. >> originally you were not supposed to fight marquez, you were supposed to fight another prominent fighter. i believe we have video from the great hbo documentary series, 24/7, let's take a look. >> five years ago, two men set out to seek power. the kind of power that begats money. >> i was supposed to fight him three times, but he keeps voiding me. he said he did not get invitation for the last fight. come on, this is not a birthday party to get invitation, this is boxing. can someone please explain it to him. >> is imitation a form of
9:40 pm
flattery? perhaps. he looks strong going onward with his participation. >> now it's time for the challenger will be challenged to make 147, and at 247 pounds even he is 100 pounds over the limit. >> yeah, i do not have to fight manny pacquiao. maybe we try in march again. >> and pacquiao, it's more heart break. >> he did it to me again! no! >> following the show, the after party is held at pacquiao's residence with a few of his closest friends. a darts' tournament occupies one corner of the room while others shadow the fighter's chess board. it's a scene that is played out
9:41 pm
elsewhere before. the champ toying with an opponent. though, on this evening, the competition devolves into a mockery of the real game. the crowd here enjoys pacquiao victories of all sorts. they will go to bed tonight hoping that december 8th brings more domination. it's just past 4:00 a.m. in mexico city, when juan manual marquez begins his workday in the olympic training center. every maneuver is closely supervised. every instruction with a purpose. the man in charge of the workout
9:42 pm
introduces himself. even days before the fight, he is not slack ening the pace. >> it's going very good he has gotten stronger, and gotten faster. pacquiao was a tremendous fighter. he is a guy who is on top of you every second. so obviously in order to fight speed, you have to use speed. >> the boxer has been thrilled with the results of his trainer, particularly so late in his career. but the decision to bring in the strength and conditioning coach was also tinged with controversy, in the mid 1990s,
9:43 pm
the trainer was involved in a ring supplying performance enhancing drugs to track athletes, and advising them how avoid detection. a couple of his clients won a total of 26 medals. >> i was young and stupid and impulsive and there's nothing that can be changed about it. >> when he was approached by federal investigators in 2005, he turned states evidence and became the star witness in the case against his former partner. trevor graham, he avoided prosecution.
9:44 pm
>> he said, you know, i trust you and i think about it, a guy that has been so brights a star for 26 year, i show up, i'm not going to jeopardize his career. i'm not going back to the past, what i do now issed a v ed a v- now is support cleaning up the sport. i want you to take an oath to this, testing is always welcome. >> the strength coach said he assists testing authorities with p.e.d detection. right now the focus for both men is what will happen once the bell rings in las vegas. ♪
9:45 pm
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when you do what you love, getting going in the morning is easy. ♪ a life like this was once just a pipe dream for freddie roach, back when he was growing up in a working class town back in boston. >> when i was a kid, you know, me and my high school sweet heart, we had it all planned out. how many kids we were going have. i was going to be an arborist, a tree surgeon, that is what my dad did for a living. we had our whole life set out and i had to make a decision to move to the west coast for my boxing career or let that go and
9:50 pm
just be working stiff like everyone else i know. and everyone else in my family was. >> there's no real way to discern why he went with his heart and fists, but he did. ultimately fighting gave way to training. a base of operations in california, at the hollywood gym now world reknown. >> how are you? >> great. >> his mother, barbara has become part of the fabric here. >> you know, i spent a lot of time in gyms when their father worked. after all those years when i came back here, it's like home. it's like coming home. you know, smells are familiar, and the people are familiar. it's a nice place to be. so, yeah, it's a big part of my life, it's a big part of their life. a big part of their lives. >> the walls of the gym are lined with hall of fame career
9:51 pm
memories. but 2012 has been undeniably difficult. not only pacquiao's loss to bradley in june, but defeats of his other elite fighters. with kah subsequently firing roach from his corner. >> it's been a tough year, i'm wondering if i'm losing my touch. i had a run for six years, five years where i only lost three fights in the entire time, now i have lost three in a row. it's not easy. you know, sometimes you can't sleep at night and it bugs me so i know losing is part of life. but i hate to lose. >> december 8th offers the
9:52 pm
perfect reme perfect remedy his frustration. >> it will justify everything that i do. you are best known from your last fight. >> i need to do my best. i need to work and work hard to -- and i will not let him down. >> you fall in the pocket, it's safe, he is swenging out here, if you get him in here. in the pocket. beat him up. okay? >> he may have remarked a few days earlier that these training sessions have become about following his fighter's lead. today roach's command of the agenda is apparent, and his veteran student falls in accordingly. >> he is a tricky counter puncher, i think one will be enough. relax, like you are playing. you are picking me, relax. >> good job. i said to myself after i said that, i said, you know what?
9:53 pm
i got to get back to telling him what to do. i like being the boss. >> a boxing trainer's life requires a firm tolerance for routine. after all these years, naco beristain can hardly do any different. he makes his way back and goes through his tradition.
9:54 pm
but after an hour or so, he is ready to tend to the work he has brought home with him. a cigar used to be a vital part of these sessions. following a recent health scare, smoking has been supplanted by a breathing appar tampt us. -- apparatus. >> the diagnosis was pneumonia,
9:55 pm
which he beliefs he contracted on a plane. he turns 73 this past july. at an age when many men may slow down, he thrives on what the corner gives him. it's there, he sees what others can't, it's there, he watches over the boy he turned into a champion.
9:56 pm
even as marquez is nearing the ending of his days in the ring, he recognizes that his trainer will stay where he is. it's at the heart of what has driven them all here. whether it's another win. another chapter. another challenge. inevitably they seek the
9:57 pm
unquencable, what they have is significant, what they don't is what truly matters. that is why a fourth fight makes sense to them. that is why another chance drives them forward. >> quick, quick, quick, come on. >> my hopes are to have a great celebration afterwards, shutting these guys up. and knocking him out, manny can do it, he put him down four times and i think he can keep him down this time. >> i want an impressive win for this fight.
9:58 pm
i want to prove to all the people who have doubts in the last three fights. >> pacquiao/marquez 4 is one week away.
9:59 pm
>> hello, don lemon here. first, i want to get you up to speed on some of the days headlines. a loving person and that's somebody that you would want to keep around as a role model. >> he was like somebody to look up to, around here, that made it. >> they're talking about that guy, number 59, jovan belcher of the kansas city chiefs. he is dead tonight, suicide. there's something else. police believe he killed his girlfriend about 20 minutes earlier. jovan belcher was a four-year starting linebacker, 25 years old. his girlfriend was 22. they had an infant daughter. police say belcher shot himself in the head in front of his coach and general manager in the parking lot of the chiefs' training facility. alabama will play notre dame for college football's national championship. the crimson tide beat georgia tonight 32-28 to win the southeastern conference

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